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Well, there are lots of items that need dissecting, and I surely won’t be able to cover them all right now. The Sox are off to a blazing start. A strong case can be made for the fact that it was done in spite of the “big” off-season acquisitions (Drew, Lugo, and Dice-K). Why don’t we start there:

Julio (Wil Cordero) Lugo
Does anyone actually believe he is: a) a good leadoff hitter and/or b) a shortstop? I didn’t believe it a year ago, and he’s done absolutely nothing to change my mind. Once the Sox go into a funk, and he’s turning routine outs into two base errors, I’m guessing that Alex Gonzalez’s name might come up.

J.D. Drew
Please tell me that the Boras linked his signing to Matsuzaka’s. Undeniably a player who looks good and has all the tools, but it’s almost mid-May, and Trot Nixon’s numbers look a heck of a lot better than his. I am rooting for him to turn it around, but does Theo really believe this guy will be putting up numbers 3 years from now? Give me a break.

No one can live up to that kind of hype. That said, the repertoire is there. The real concern is how he’ll hold up taking the ball every 5th day over a longer season with stronger competition than he saw in Japan. As good as the starting pitching has been, he’s clearly the 4th starter at the moment. I’m betting that he’ll be a number 1 starter by mid-season 2008.


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