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May 21, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

When will the pundits stop speaking about the Yankees in reverent tones? Maybe a Sox sweep will be the proverbial slap in the face that sends everyone back to reality. The only real thing that is mystifying about the “poor” start to the season is how they could have the highest payroll in baseball. George Steinbrenner is no Peter Angelos (there’s a guy with absolutely no eye for real talent). However, did Brian Cashman honestly think that a starting rotation of Mussina, Pettitte, Wang, Pavano, and Igawa would end the World Series drought? Let’s break it down:

The 38 year old righthander had magical stuff when he was in Baltimore and pitched pretty well his first 2 years in pinstripes. That said, he has clearly been on the decline since 2004. He no longer is this (or any other team’s) ace.

This is possibly my favorite Cashman move (though it is probably trumped by Clemens). Statistically he was mediocre last season in Houston (a 4.20 ERA in the NL is abysmal). Yet somehow the Yankees (and the mass media) believe that he will miraculously rediscover himself in New York. He’s been effective so far, but an ERA of under 4.50 is a stretch.

The only real legitimate ace on their staff. When he’s on, his sinker is very tough.

Possibly the worst signing by any team in the last 10 years. He had ONE GOOD SEASON! It’s not just the injuries people. He’s simply a mediocre pitcher.

“Dice-K Lite.” Hate to waste precious space even addressing him. Can you say Mac Suzuki?

Honestly I would love to see a race for the top spot in the AL East (almost to the point that I could root for a little Sox slide in the next 3 days). However, the media machine that is New York needs to face up to reality. This is why a Sox sweep is just what the doctor ordered. A-Rod is happy now. He’s on a losing team. He can put up his big numbers for naught. The Rocket is hastily readying himself to come to the rescue while Randy Johnson is quietly putting up zeroes in Arizona (and traveling with his team on the road).

If you’re a baseball fan, root for a Yankee collapse this week. It’s not David vs. Goliath — the Red Sox have spent plenty but spent wiser. Cheer on the impending Steinbrenner meltdown. Root for lefthanded specialist Mike Myers pitching in long relief. It’s been a long time coming. Use those collective Jedi Forces to destroy the Death Star. I can think of no better gift to baseball fans everywhere than a 2009 opening of the New Yankee Stadium with a last place home team on the field.


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