Does it matter?

May 30, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

A solid outing by Dice-K tonight is critical – NOT! Does anyone out there really care? The Sox have convincingly won this series against the (statistically) second best team in the AL. The Yankees, meanwhile, two days after a closed door 1 hour team meeting are riding a 5 game losing streak. Fortunately they have staff ace Tyler Clippard matched up against Jesse Litsch for the series finale. Set those Tivos!

The hope here is that the Sox can KO the Bombers this weekend. Bias aside any logical person has to concede that they are done. They haven’t done anything right. Engaging in a high-stakes game of “we have more money than you do” with the Red Sox, they’ve repeatedly made the wrong choices. Exhibit A is old friend Johnny Damon. Hey, we love the effort, but he still throws like a girl (those pink t-shirts didn’t materialize by coincidence). He’s half the player he was 3 years ago, and he’s only headed downhill. Bobby Abreu — OBP singles hitter best suited for a venue like Kansas City. A-Rod, Carl Pavano? I could go on.

Once again this weekend I am pleading for the clueless media to finally admit that the Yankees are simply mediocre. Roger Clemens is all that stands between Tampa Bay and a fourth place finish. Now that is $20 million well spent. Kudos to Joe Torre for keeping a straight face when citing that “Moose” Mussina (and his 85 mph fastball) was going on Saturday, and he simply couldn’t see any reason to upset the rotation by inserting Roger into his spot. Coddling at $20 million pitcher; how low can you go?


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