Potpourri Redux

July 16, 2007 · Posted in Uncategorized 

It’s been way too long since the last post, so let’s get started by re-visiting a few old themes in no particular order.

Yankee starting pitching:
Andy Pettitte – 5-6, 4.27 ERA (1-1, 4.76 in June; 1-1, 13.14 in July). That 4.50 ERA for the season could be a stretch.

Mike Mussina – 4-6, 4.61 ERA. Hasn’t won away from The Stadium since May 3rd. And he called Clemens a 2-3 starter?

The Rocket – 2-4, 4.20 ERA after 7 starts (that’s somewhere around $3 million per win for those scoring at home). For those Sox fans who were pining for Roger: Gabbard is 2-0, 4.87 after his first 4 starts.

Kei Igawa – 2-2, 7.14. After a trip to the minors to straighten out his mechanics with “Guru” Billy Connors. This guy is a minor leaguer and a major flop. Please take off the shades. The Ronnie Milsap look just isn’t cutting it.

Wang – 10-4, 3.43 ERA. Their only starter scaring anyone.

The Pre All-Star Break Sox:
First Base – Let’s face it, Youk hasn’t done much since May. Yes, we love him. He’s a “Moneyball Player,” a grinder, etc. He has a really long errorless streak. Reality is that he’s a singles hitter playing a power position. Surely if Theo and his minions knew the numbers that Carlos Pena would have at the break, we wouldn’t be writing about Youk today.

Second Base – Pedroia has really been a spark. Tito deserves some credit for sticking with him (not too much as he was riding a 10 game lead for most of the first half). He’s a prototype Sox second sacker out of the Barrett/Reed mold (AKA solid defensively, occasional pop, and absolutely no speed).

Third Base – who can’t like Mike Lowell? We need more salary dumps like this one. Great first half. Let’s hope we don’t see another second half fade like 2006.

Shortstop – for all the abuse old Julio’s taken here, the Sox need more of his July production the rest of the way. He needs to earn his way back to the top of the order and hopefully ignite the offense in the second half.

Catcher – Varitek has been his usual solid self behind the dish, and he’s hit the ball as well. Mirabelli has also made his expected contribution handling Wake.

LF – Manny has not been Manny. No power. Few clutch hits. Is this the beginning of the end?

CF – Coco has been a marvel defensively. Enough said.

RF – J.D. Drew is looking like the worst free agent signing of the Theo era.

DH – Where are those clutch hits Papi? Sure they’re pitching around him, and why wouldn’t you with the anemic Ramirez hitting behind him?

SP – Solid from top to bottom. Need to get Schill back soon. Look for big things from Dice-K in the second half. We haven’t seen his best yet.

RP – Pap has been lights out. Okajima seems to be doing it with mirrors, but who can argue with success? Will Timlin contribute or is he done?


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